Investors in People

In 2004, ACP was granted Investors In People Status. Since then, we’ve been successfully audited by their Ombudsman – a fact of which we are extremely proud, as it demonstrates our commitment to providing an industry-leading service to our customers. It also underlines our focus on fostering an environment that allows our staff to grow, develop and – just as importantly – contribute to the future growth of our business.

During our most recent audit, it was observed that:

The excellence of the company’s strategy in the present economic circumstances is clearly borne out by the quality of the performance

We are achieving this because of our close working relationship with our staff.

We encourage their ideas at meetings, update them on important changes within the business and make sure their contributions are always recognised and rewarded. This means our customers will be working with a team that is motivated, fully informed and continually committed to the future development of ACP Freight as a business.

Although some haulage and freight businesses have ceased to trade, competition from the remainder has been severe… Nevertheless, the Company has continued to prosper

Just as importantly, the recent audit by IIP recognised our continued growth in the face of challenging economic circumstances.

This means that our customers – both present and future – will benefit from working with a company that has successfully strategised to survive the recessionary climate.

This continued stability, coupled together with our commitment to staff development, means we’ve become recognised as a highly versatile freight company, fully supported by a happy, loyal and capable team.

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